Digital Products

Licensure spreadsheet: This is Natalie’s famous multistate licensure spreadsheet for all 50 states! If you’re working in telehealth or remote nurse or nurse practitioner jobs, this is a must-have! The spreadsheet has a tab for RN licenses and a separate tab for nurse practitioner (NP) licenses, hyperlinks to BON websites with BON customer service phone numbers, and scope of practice (full or reduced), costs/fees, the RN has a column for compact or not, and much more!

DOT or Quick Phrase PDF: This is a 23-page PDF of DOT or Quick phrases used for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation. It includes History of present illness (HPI), review of systems (ROS), physical exam, common bedside procedure templates, medical decision-making phrases and templates for documentation for urgent care, emergency room, and critical care settings.

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