New Grad Nurse Practitioner Next Steps

Written by Natalie Merino

On January 24, 2022

Are you a new graduate nurse practitioner? Did you recently pass your nurse practitioner boards? Congratulations!! Up next is applying for licensure through your state board of nurse (BON) website and online portal. I created a handy check list here and it’s also available in PDF format as well if you sign up for my newsletter!

After obtaining your nurse practitioner license, your next steps are:
1.) Apply for NPI number for prescribing , it’s free and takes a few minutes, here’s the link

2.) Update your resume , double check your contact information, and create cover letters

3.) Check with your BON and your NP licensure, specifically CEU requirements. Nurse practitioner licensure is one thing, and board certification is another with separate continuing education requirements. Also, regarding board certification renewal CE requirements, check with your certifying body, AANP or ANCC, create an account (it’s free) and again be mindful of your CEU requirements that have to be all be manually placed into your online account (don’t wait until last minute).

4.) Join AANP and/or your local county/city NP council! Membership is well worth it as networking, job postings and CEUs may be available. Here is the link, search by zip code to find your local NP organization

5.) Create a LinkedIn and Doximity account as it’s a great networking tool and recruiters use to post jobs

6.) Depending on your board certification and where you wish to work, some jobs may require a DEA license for prescribing controlled substances and some jobs will pay for this for you. My best advice is to wait until an employer reimburses you for it. DEA license is costly at $888.

7.) If you’re a new grad, when applying for jobs, understand that your “Yes” job, your dream job, lives in the land of “no’s”. Unfortunately you have to sift through the no’s to get to your YES.

8.) Malpractice insurance!! Start shopping around and comparing prices different malpractice insurance companies like CM&F, proliability, Berxi etc etc. Sometimes your new job, employer, company may pay or reimburse you for this. It may be beneficial to wait until you are extended a job offer.

9.) Rome was not built in a day, and being a new NP comes with a steep learning curve and long transitional period. The learning continues and I suggest continue learning pertinent and popular diagnoses and topics pertaining to your patient population, specialty or setting. Continue to learn, improve and understand proper documentation, diagnosis guidelines and especially reimbursement (how it works in your state or patient population), and billing codes. Create a favorite website folder or app folder for favorite online resources, links, apps, etc etc.
Does this list and checklist help? Let me know what you think! If you are looking for a career coach to help you navigate new nurse practitioner waters and transition period, you are in the right place! Book a free call here
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